snom Delivers Hosted VoIP for Iristel

A number of snom phones have passed interoperability tests and are ready to be used on the Ontario-based Iristels VoIP network. The snom 3xx and 8xx series desktop phones, as well as the snom m9 DECT phone and MeetingPoint conference phone, are all approved.

snom says the combination of its endpoints, network services and infrastructure products and Iristel’s Hosted PBX Solution offers Iristel customers a fully integrated IP telephony solution with high-definition audio capabilities and VoIP functionality for both large and small business environments, and residential scenarios.   

“snom is an industry leader, and adding their high-quality and cost-effective phones and equipment to the growing list of Iristel network-compliant vendors opens up new opportunities for businesses and consumers to benefit from the latest in VoIP technology,” said Samer Bishay, Iristel CEO.

Iristel’s Hosted PBX Solution enables subscribers to customize their PBX according to their specific needs and offers enhanced features, like call forwarding and call transfer, that can be seamlessly managed through an intuitive user interface. By ensuring its network is compatible with key IP telephony solutions, Iristel delivers a standards-based platform that enables customers especially SMBs to economically and efficiently migrate to new technologies without immediately abandoning investments made in their existing IP infrastructure, the companies said.

snom’s suite of VoIP phones includes advanced IP phones such as the snom 3xx series, full-color touchscreen desktop phones such as the snom 870, wireless DECT phones such as the m9 and related endpoints, such as the MeetingPoint conference phone. All built with open SIP firmware allowing for simple installation, industry-wide interoperability and crystal-clear sound quality. As unified communications systems have proliferated, the advanced technology and open standards in every snom product has proven to be an ideal combination for providing enterprises with cost-effective and feature-rich IP telephony, the company said.

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