More People Want Android than an iPhone

Googles Android is becoming the hip operating system for mobile phones, surveys from The Nielsen Company show.

Nearly one-third (31 percent) of consumers who plan on getting a new smartphone in the next year have indicated a preference for the Android platform, according to Nielsen monthly surveys conducted from January through March.

Thirty percent of consumers expressed a preference for Apples iOS platform, which supports the iPhone.  Just 11 percent of consumers said they desired getting a BlackBerry, while 20 percent were unsure of which operating system to chose.

Apple had been the clear favorite in previous surveys. 

In monthly surveys conducted from July 2010 through September 2010, 33 percent of consumers said they wanted an Apple iPhone. At that time, only about one-quarter (26 percent) said they desired obtaining a device with Android while 13 percent expressed a preference for BlackBerry.

According to most estimates, Android recently surpassed BlackBerry and the iPhone in U.S. market share, so while this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, it definitely reflects that the iPhone juggernaut is slowing a bit or at least it has a worthy rival in Android. And all signs point to RIM’s BlackBerry taking an even bigger swan dive.

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