Video Conferencing Quickly Gaining Ground

A new study from value-added reseller CDW LLC finds that half of companies use some form of video conferencing and another quarter plan to implement the technology within the next two years.

CDWs Video Conferencing Straw Poll Report shows businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and health care facilities are drawn to video conferencing because it cuts their operating costs while improving communication. As a result, many adopters of the technology will branch out beyond simple, on-premise peer-to-peer devices, too, into more cutting-edge systems such as immersive telepresence, which uses high-definition, life-size images to simulate in-person meetings.

Without video conferencing, you had to plan travel and pay all of the associated costs to get quality face-to-face time with a client,” said Christine Holloway, CDWs vice president of converged infrastructure solutions. Now, at a moments notice, you can have the same benefits of that meeting, without any of the travel planning and at a reduced cost over time. However, IT managers must still take a few key steps to prepare for a successful implementation.”

Those steps include completing a network assessment, and changing or upgrading IT networks to handle video conferencing not to mention convincing executives that the upfront costs will mean lower travel expenses later.

Executive decision-makers need to see the bottom line to determine whether implementing the technology is worth it, and in most cases the value of video conferencing is easily demonstrated,” said Holloway.

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