Vidyo Ties Enterprise Mobile Users to Traditional Video Conferences

A new enterprise solution from Vidyo takes video conferencing to a new level, linking users of iPhones, iPads and Android-based smartphones and tablets with desktop and HD conference-room participants.

VidyoMobile” will be available in July for enterprise users already using VidyoConferencing. The company offers a video demonstration on an iPad 2 via this link.

By enabling devices like smart phones and tablets to participate effectively in video conferences with room systems and desktop users, VidyoMobile is a giant step in making Vidyos vision of natural communications universally available a reality,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo.

VidyoMobile users can participate in low latency, high-definition, video conferences with decode up to 720p HD and encode up to VGA resolution. Users can also collaborate and view shared applications using their 3G/4G or Wi-Fi wireless network.

As mobile devices become more and more ubiquitous in the enterprise, this type of video conferencing service might soon be the norm rather than a novelty.

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