AT&T Files Application with FCC in T-Mobile Merger

AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG on Thursday filed applications with the Federal Communications Commission to approve AT&Ts $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

Several critics of the merger are expected to weigh in with the FCC in the coming months. 

The Rural Telecommunications Group a trade association that represents rural wireless carriers today formally announced its opposition to the deal. 

After carefully reviewing a post-merger AT&T and the impact that the increased spectrum holdings of such an already enormous entity would have on the mobile wireless marketplace, RTG has concluded that no merger-specific conditions would be sufficient to balance out the harms resulting from the proposed acquisition,” the associated said.

RTG also said it plans to ask the FCC to deny the merger and implores the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission to vigorously review and investigate the antitrust and anticompetitive implications of the proposed transaction.”

In a public notice today, the FCC said it has not yet established dates for the filing of pleadings under its review of the merger. The Commission will set the dates for the filing of pleadings after it has determined that the applications filed by AT&T and T-Mobiles owner Deutsche Telekom are complete.

The FCC case number is WT Docket No. 11-65.

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