Wholesale VoIP Trading Clearinghouse Unveiled

Theres a new clearinghouse for wholesale VoIP trading EMS TrafficBoard. Its being run by EMS Financial Services, a global funds disbursement and software company for the telecom industry. With 1,000 members, it constitutes nearly one-third of the wholesale VoIP market.

EMS TrafficBoard is said to offer telco buyers and sellers the markets only platform to meet, connect and utilize the services of the companys EMS Escrow. EMS TrafficBoard is currently the most heavily subscribed portal of its kind, EMS Financial Services said.

EMS Escrow serves the largest customer base of any service of its kind and offers Global Funds disbursement, securing financial transactions between multiple telecom parties while protecting confidential network relationships.

EMS TrafficBoard allows member companies to post their best rates through forums. Unlike other portals in the industry, EMS says TrafficBoard is the only independent, third-party entity providing services to meet the project management needs of the international telecommunications market. Once buyers and sellers connect on EMS TrafficBoard, transactions are then finalized using the companys secure EMS Escrow, ensuring that all parties to the project receive agreed upon, contracted services. EMS Escrows easy setup, tracking and real-time online management allows buyers and sellers the ability to process and handle multiple party collateral projects.  EMS Escrow customers also enjoy the security of VeriSign and McAfee Hacker-safe services and an FDIC-insured banking partner, the company said.

According to InStat, wholesale VoIP revenues in the U.S. reached $3.8 billion by 2010 and plenty of revenue opportunities remain.

EMS TrafficBoard was created at the request of our more than 1,000 EMS customers who needed a safe place to meet and interact with fellow wholesale VoIP traders to leverage the best route rates in the marketplace,” said James Nicholson, managing partner, EMS Financial Services. With TrafficBoard, wholesale VoIP traders now have a place to meet and exchange best practices, as well as get updates on the best rates available in the market. More importantly they can finalize their transactions by leveraging EMS Escrow, a proven, secure and reliable service.”

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