Forget iPhone 5? iPhone 6 Release Date for 2012 Predicted

The iPhone 6 is on schedule for a June 2012 release, despite assumptions that the iPhone 5 wont be available until this fall at the earliest, according to a new report.

Numerous reports over the past month have said there wont be new hardware namely an iPhone 5 introduced at Apples annual Worldwide Developers Conference this June. Supposedly, production wont kick into full swing until September, leading to speculation that a new iPhone wont go on sale until perhaps early 2012, or late fall at the earliest.

But along comes Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says that despite the iPhone 5 delay, the iPhone 6 will be better than ever, and on sale in time for Apples traditional release month in 2012 June.

Kuo says the iPhone 5 wont look much different from its predecessor, but under the cover it will feature a faster processor similar to whats in the iPad 2, a new and improved iOS 5 and a higher-resolution rear camera. The antenna design is also expected to be better. The analyst says Apple will ship between 28 and 32 million iPhone 5s later this year, and contrary to the earlier reports, he says the new device will be introduced at WWDC; itll just be a while before you can buy one probably October.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but Kuo is already talking about the iPhone 6, which he says will feature a new design that looks different than the current model, but he didnt elaborate a whole lot. And despite the remodel, he does expect it to make that June (2012) release weve come to expect from Apple.

Apple hasnt yet tipped its hand as to what we can expect, and probably wont until the first week of June at the earliest when it opens its Worldwide Developers Conference.

Sure, this could very well be an analyst trying to get way ahead of the game, but it’s fun to speculate nonetheless.

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