133,000 Verizon Customers Overcharged

Human error is being blamed for an errant $7 late fee tacked on to Verizon customers bills in West Central Florida.

It wasnt uncommon this week for Florida customers to spend a half hour or more on the phone waiting for customer service assistance. Thats because so many of their neighbors 133,000, in fact were doing the same thing.

Verizon is calling it a computer glitch based on a human-processing error” and saying that if people paid the extra $7, theyll get a credit back on their next bill. Apparently, an employee entered some wrong information into a computer that caused the overbilling. The mistake amounted to more than $900,000 in overcharges. A spokesperson told that unfortunately things like this will happen every once in a while when you send out over a million bills a month” in that area alone, and billing becomes an automated process,” of sorts, for employees.

The Florida Public Service Commission gives carriers 90 days to make fixes in cases like these. The problem only affected landline customers.

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