Generous Church Deacon Killed in Senseless iPhone Robbery

A church deacon hailed as a generous woman who would help the disadvantaged anytime, anyplace, was killed when a man stealing an iPhone pushed her down a flight of stairs at a Chicago train station.

Sally Katona-King was an innocent bystander on her way home when the man shoved her to her death. He was running from the scene after stealing another womans cellphone, the Chicago Tribune reported. The suspect was still on the lam as of Wednesday morning.

Friends and family are calling it a senseless” act. Katona-King, 68, who worked as a receptionist in the bishops office at an Evangelical Lutheran church, was a lifelong user of public transportation who never drove a car. She is described as someone who devoted her life to helping the disadvantaged. Which makes this case all the more ironic and sad.

Smartphone thefts are becoming more and more common across the country as the devices become more ubiquitous. Because they are so small, theyre easy to snatch. Electronics always make good targets for criminals. A police detective told the Tribune that cops everywhere are looking for solutions to this growing problem.

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