Cell-Phone Panic Sets In Earlier for Some than Others

Just how addicted are we to our cell phones? A new survey shows one in three people who lose their cell phones know so within 15 minutes of losing them and nearly two in three know it within an hour.

Research conducted by YouGov, on behalf of SecurEnvoy in the U.K., shows that men are more addicted or at least more observant than women, with 40 percent of males recognizing their phone is gone within 15 minutes, compared to 29 percent of women.

The survey, taken earlier this month, shows younger cell-phone users are even more hooked on mobile, with 28 percent between the ages of 18 and 24 noticing their phones were gone within just five minutes. Only 13 percent over the age of 55 noticed it within five minutes.

And theres a marriage gap too. Those who have never been married think they would be far likelier to notice their phone had disappeared within five minutes (26 percent) when compared with those who are married (13 percent).

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