iPhone Falls From Plane and Lives to Browse Again

Ever had your cellphone fall out of your pocket onto the ground and when you picked it up, you discovered the screens gone blank? Its happened to a lot of us, and we wind up forking over cash for a new phone or are forced to sign a new service agreement in order to get one of those basic” phones for free.

Enter the Super iPhone. A combat controller with the United States Air Force accidentally dropped his iPhone out of an airplane, and it plummeted 1,000 feet at least according this story he told iLounge. Ron Walker says he assumed he was out $200, but hoping it would be intact enough to transfer his data to a replacement device, he tracked the phone down in a wooded area. Remarkably, it was in perfect working order, without a scratch, according to the report.

Walkers best guess is that leaves and tree needles might have helped break the iPhones fall, which was in a case. But still, a 150 mph dive from the sky? Now thats good fortune.

Perhaps a feather in Apple’s cap in the smartphone wars?

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