DynaLink Releases Long-Awaited Pricing Tool for Agents

After four years of development, New York-based switchless CLEC DynaLink Communications has released its new pricing tool for agents.

DynaLink has dubbed the portal Lightning Link. The company worked with back-office software experts Salestream to integrate 14 of DynaLinks service providers into one place so agents dont have to use multiple quoting platforms.

Other features include access to promotions providers run on an annual basis; reminders that send to agents after 45 days, prodding them to check on quote status; and the contract-request form. That document means that, once a customer accepts a quote, an agent can then ask for the contract. DynaLink completes the contract on the back end and emails it to the agent.

Our agents spoke up and we listened,” said Larry Fishelson, COO of DynaLink. Agents requested a pricing tool that was easy to use and would allow them to access all of our providers. Telecom moves fast and Lightning Link gives the agents accurate and low prices to assist them in conducting their business.”


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