Apple: Android/iPhone Browser Study Flawed

Apple has attacked the methodology behind a study that claims Androids Chrome Web browser is significantly faster than iPhones Safari browser.

The consumer electronics giant told CNET that the study by Canada-based Blaze Software was flawed because the company tested their own proprietary app, which uses an embedded Web viewer that doesn’t actually take advantage of Safari’s Web performance optimizations.”

In a blog update, Blaze Software concedes the possibility that the iPhone page loads could be faster,” but it isnt backing off from its position that Androids embedded browser is faster than iPhones.”

We hope Apple will help us enable those optimizations and repeat the measurement,” Blaze added.  Until then, for all we know the missing optimizations may not make a big impact.”

In the study, Blaze loaded websites of Fortune 1000 companies primarily via Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4 and the Google Nexus S, an Android phone co-developed by Google and Samsung. 

The company said it loaded each page multiple times and on different days.

The result: Android 2.3 was on average 52 percent faster than iOS 4.3. The Android platform had a medium load time of 2.144 seconds while the iPhone system had a medium load time of 3.254 seconds.

Blaze said Android was faster than iPhone in 84 percent of the tested websites.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told CNET that in spite of a fundamental testing flaw,” Blaze only found an average of a second difference in loading Web pages.”

But Blaze responded in its blog update that Apple misinterpreted the results.

First and foremost, our tests were run over networks and conditions more favorable than the average user browsing on his mobile device,” the company stated.

Blaze further noted that the difference in browsers was significant on certain web pages, such as The Wall Street Journal, where the company observed a 5-10 second gap.”

The company said it employed its applications, which used each platforms embedded browser.  The embedded browsers are supposed to behave the same as a regular browser, according to Blaze.

Ottawa, Ontario-based Blaze provides a free service for measuring mobile web performance and a subscription service that automates web performance optimization, according to its web site.  The company was founded in 2010 and includes a management team of former IBM employees.

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