Telarus Releases GeoScan 2.0

CHANNEL PARTNERS Master agent Telarus (Booth #1216) is announcing at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo the release of GeoScan 2.0, what the company calls the industry’s first comprehensive carrier research tool.

"GeoScan 2.0 is a must-have for any telecom agent who offers more than small handful of carriers to their clients," said Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. "In just seconds, an agent can use GeoScan 2.0 to get a very high-level view of which carriers are in the picture and which carriers are not. Knowing right away which carriers not to contact is a huge time-saver for both the agent and the carrier."

GeoScan 2.0 is comprised of a proprietary database of CLLI codes, zip codes and lata codes compiled by Telarus through eight years of research and development. Using this locally stored information, GeoScan 2.0 can return results in just seconds, without waiting for an API/XML connection to any carrier partner as is required for price quoting in GeoQuote.

"The beauty of GeoScan 2.0 is that it is very, very fast," added Andrew Morgan, VP of Web Development of Telarus. "With an increase in speed comes a decrease in granularity. GeoScan 2.0 was developed to be a very high-level qualification tool; to know who is ‘in the ballgame’ before going too far down the road with a carrier who won’t be able to service the customer. Especially with larger deals, narrowing down the field early is important."

"Ethernet is increasingly becoming one of the most popular products on the market," said Rob Butler, VP of Sales West for Telarus. "Among the many products quoted in GeoScan 2.0, Ethernet will be among the most valuable due to its ability to figure out which carriers have fiber in a particular market. Agents need this information at their fingertips not only to be the first to bid, but to gain their customers’ trust."

Telarus sasys GeoScan 2.0 is also unique in its ability to keep itself up-to-date. The technology actively monitors the results that are returned by GeoQuote, the real-time quote generator that has ties into nearly all carrier pricing systems. When GeoScan finds a location serviced by a carrier that it didn’t know about, it automatically updates itself in an effort to regulate its own accuracy.

Telarus agents who have reached Gold and Platinum status can also customize GeoScan 2.0 by adding carrier footprints and product matrices for vendors not offered by Telarus. Agents who have yet to reach those production levels will be able to customize GeoScan 2.0 for a nominal monthly fee. The non-customizable version of GeoScan is free of charge to all Telarus agents.

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