Salestream Upgrades Quote Tool for IP

CHANNEL PARTNERS Salestream Software (Booth #1708) announced at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo that it has upgraded its MasterStream quote-and-order tool to include IP technologies most notably, cloud and managed services and to eliminate frustrations of order entry.

The changes, part of an enhancement dubbed MasterStream-UNITY, are significant for a platform built to accommodate traditional telecom services, such as Internet, PRI, POTs and integrated T1s. The problem, said Salestream President Jeff Fraser, was that narrow variables define and categorize legacy products, and VoIP, SIP or IP PBX, for instance, cant fit into those structures. So, in response to requests from carriers and agents, Salestream developers spent more than a year adjusting and expanding its algorithms. Our clients were all investing more in cloud services and needed MasterStream to reflect that,” Fraser said.

Salestream has not only renovated MasterStream to incorporate IP services, but to ensure it adapts to new technologies as they are released. In addition, MasterStream-UNITY allows users to quote complex, multilocation deals.

At press time, MasterStream-UNITY was available to carriers; Salestream is working to put the new capabilities into its master agent software, too. When that happens, agents will have access to document automation. Instead of requiring agents to determine which form to use, MasterStream-UNITY generates that data. The system further auto-populates fields if it knows the proper inputs; agents no longer have to enter the same information multiple times on each form. MasterStream-UNITY cuts down on computer time and keeps orders from being kicked back, something that drove agents crazy,” Fraser said.

And finally, when an order is complete, MasterStream-UNITY spits out all of the necessary paperwork for customers, providers and agents. For example, a hosted PBX quote that includes toll-free numbers, bandwidth, a router, and some phones would likely generate the service order, credit app, RESPORG, and LOA forms,” Fraser explained.

UNITY is a free, automatic upgrade to MasterStream and will serve as Salestreams standard platform. Salestream expects to announce more features and options for MasterStream-UNITY soon.

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