NETXUSA Debuts Enhancements for Cloud-Based Services

CHANNEL PARTNERS NETXUSA (Booth #1217 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo) has released several innovative enhancements to ChannelWare, its full-featured, CPE-deployment platform providing provisioning and professional services to service providers deploying cloud-based solutions. NETXUSA says the new ChannelWare RESTful API provides the necessary tools to integrate third-party applications and processes, which gives the service provider a centralized experience to better scale and roll out its specific cloud strategy. The company will showcase the enhancements at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

ChannelWares Universal Provisioning 2.0 is one enhancement, available through integration, which addresses equipment demands for todays cloud-services market by eliminating most complexities in deploying device options consumers expect to have.

Version 2.0 of the companys patent-pending provisioning system enables partners to expand on their list of supported CPE for all cloud-service installs in an easy-to-use tool. This tool provides engineers methods to support as many configuration options, on as many different device choices, while removing most of the time and research it takes to support said options or devices.

ChannelWares device provisioning tool acts as a universal interface for all of product types. It simplifies common tasks that most providers require to be performed on equipment before being deployed in a hosted environment,” said Eric Todd, CTO of NETXUSA.  By using device provisioning through API, a cloud service provider can deploy an entire customer site with an Adtran or Edgewater router with WAN settings, Polycom phones with user credentials, Cisco PoE switches with management IP addresses and Cisco analog ATA with fax line info all from their website. This is all possible without having to touch a device or pay an engineer to develop methods to configure these devices in a scalable method.”

Full access to intelligent-device configuration is just one of many third-party integration services available through RESTful API services. A NETXUSA partner can fully automate other key components of the deployment to complement their cloud-service strategy, the company said.

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