Telarus Releases CustomerConnect

CHANNEL PARTNERS Master agent Telarus (Booth #1216) is announcing at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo the release of CustomerConnect, what it calls the industry’s first marketing research tool that enables its agents to stay in contact with their customers and strategically mine their lead lists for sales opportunities within specific carrier footprints.

“We are excited about the launch of CustomerConnect,” said Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “Many of our agents have thousands of leads locked up in their Telarus Back Office CRM with no means of exporting the data into a contact system. CustomerConnect will give them the ability to find the contacts they are looking for and to queue up a custom-labeled e-mail in two simple steps. The value of CustomerConnect to an agent’s ability to generate leads from their old prospect list and to maintain consistent contact with their actual customers is enormous.”

CustomerConnect is comprised of two modules: 1) Contact list creation, and 2) Email distribution. The list creation process allows a Telarus agent to generate a recipient list based on any of the following criteria:

  • Customer status (Active customer vs. Prospect)
  • General geography
  • Carrier footprint (powered by GeoScan 2.0)
  • Customer renewal window (90 days, etc.)
  • Lead source type (Web, VAR referral, etc.)
  • Individual lead source (partner-specific)

Once the agent generates the distribution list, they can then use the online HTML editor to type a custom message for instant e-mail distribution.

“The idea of CustomerConnect has been on the Telarus ‘whiteboard’ for the past few years,” said Patrick Oborn, VP of Marketing for Telarus. “Over the past eight years we’ve gathered over 500,000 records of businesses looking on the Internet to buy commercial broadband services. Now our agents will have a chance to retouch those customers with specific offers that are sure to make their phones ring with interested buyers.”

The carrier intelligence” of CustomerConnects’ vendor filter comes from GeoScan 2.0, a proprietary technology that knows to a CLLI level where each of Telarus’ 30 carriers can offer service. GeoScan 2.0 also utilizes Telarus’ patented quoting technology GeoQuote to comb through all new real-time quotes looking for new markets serviced by each carrier in an effort to maintain the accuracy of the system. This feature of CustomerConnect allows users to target prospects with specially discounted rates and offers that are not generally available in all areas.

CustomerConnect will be a free resource to all Telarus who have reached a Gold or Platinum status. Agents who have yet to reach those production levels will be able to purchase user licenses for a nominal monthly fee.

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