OpenVox Intros Industry-First T1/E1 PCI Cards

CHANNEL PARTNERS OpenVox Communication Co. (Booth #1435 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo), a global provider of open source Asterisk telephony hardware and software products, is announcing what it calls the most advanced T1/E1 series PCI cards, with optional carrier-grade Octasic DSP hardware echo cancellation, are now available to the open source telephony community. There are also the first PCI cards in the industry that come with an adjustable interrupt routing design. This innovation design, the company says, originates from the OpenVox community.

The cards are an upgrade of the companys product line. The innovation is designed to reduce the CPU load up to 70 percent and adjust the interrupt number to avoid interrupt number sharing or conflict.

Most of the time when interrupt conflict happens during Asterisk card installation in the system, users have no other choice but to change their servers. Its been a long suffering even in the whole PCI industry,” said Lin Miao, president of OpenVox, The release of the new series cards has eliminated the interrupt issues. Users can simply adjust the interrupt number to ensure the cards to use one IRQ solely or to avoid conflicts with those frequently sending IRQ equipments such as network card and hard disk.

The cards come with a low-profile design and can fit with 2U rack-mount servers. They are designed with 32-bit 33MHz PCI and fully PCI 2.3 compliant, compatible with all commercially available motherboards with 5V or 3.3V PCI busses. The advanced FPGA design enables these cards to upgrade their firmware onsite to take advantages of hardware and software improvements when they are available. The Octasic DSP echo canceller provides enhanced voice quality with up to 1024 taps/128 ms tail per channel on all channel densities for both T1 and E1 interfaces, with no additional CPU load, according to OpenVox.

OpenVox is also announcing an upgrade to its warranty program. The new cards will not only come with a three-month, money back guarantee, experienced free technical support and free replacement in the unlikely event of a defect, but also a lifetime warranty.

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