Transbeam Debuts Rapid PRI

CHANNEL PARTNERS New York-based ISP Transbeam Inc. (Booth #1700) is launching its Rapid PRI service at the Spring 2011 Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

The product allows SMBs to make phone calls over their broadband connections, using existing phone systems and handsets at price points unmatched in the industry,” said Marc Sellouk, Transbeams founder and CEO.

Rapid PRI requires a PBX system with a PRI connection to the telephone network, along with a dedicated Internet connection that supports at least 90kpbs per active voice channel. Once an order is placed, Transbeam then configures an integrated access device which accepts traditional PRI and POTS input, and then communicates to the companys core over IP to the customers specifications. The equipment plugs in on one end to the PRI-connected PBX and to the Internet uplink with an Ethernet connection. Rapid PRI supports up to 23 voice lines and numbers are available in most metropolitan markets. Number porting, however, is not yet offered.

Transbeam is selling Rapid PRI for an introductory, promotional price of $99 per month or $139 per month, depending on which edge device the customer chooses. For agents, commissions vary based on volume and other considerations Transbeam establishes on an individual basis.

Transbeam said Rapid PRI supports all PRI functions such as hunting, and noted the product can be used as a backup or primary platform for PBXs.

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