Intelisys Touts Partner Investment Program Success

CHANNEL PARTNERS Intelisys (Booth #1414) reports its Partner Investment Program is making great strides since being introduced at last falls Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

Rolled out in September 2010, the Partner Investment Program provides sales partners with the capital needed for accelerated growth outside of traditional banking relationships. They now have more access to resources that Intelisys says will truly assist in the success of their businesses.

Intelisys says this program offers excellent terms for working capital to qualified partners. More importantly, it promotes a truly strategic partnership between Intelisys and its sales partners, allowing them to tap into the companys experience and best practices.

There are literally dozens of Master Agents to choose from they all say they want your business what I am interested in is someone who wants to help grow my business and partner with me to make it happen.  Intelisys is not just another Master Agent Intelisys is a Master Agent that will put their money where you need it most your business. Now that’s a partnership that I want!” said Marc Agar of CA Communications.

Agar has utilized the program specifically in hiring.

Intelisys Partner Investment Program offers a streamlined application process and is available to all qualified Intelisys contracted sales partners. The program was created to provide partners with financing that is secured by existing or future commissions. Additionally, loan repayment is activated by growth milestones designed for favorability and flexibility.

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