DSCI Celebrates 10th Anniversary

CHANNEL PARTNERS DSCI Corp. (Booth #1319), a New England ITSP, is recognizing its 10th anniversary at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

The company began operations in Lexington, Mass., and Laconia, N.H., on Jan. 15, 2001, with a handful of employees who were committed to taking advantage of deregulation in telecommunications to resell services to enterprise customers. DSCI says it has differentiated itself from the competition by providing the best customer service in the industry.

2001, in the midst of the dot-com implosion, was probably not the best time to start a telecom company. However, we had a solid business plan and enough faith in ourselves to take the plunge,” said Sean M. Dandley, whos been president/CEO of DSCI from the beginning.

During its first quarter of business, DSCI hired 20 employees, contracted with six vendors, completed series C funding, and billed $30,000 ahead of forecast.

During the early years of the new century, the telecom industry evolved dramatically, and by 2004, DSCI read the writing on the wall the days of profitable resale were over. In 2004, DSCI began building out its own IP network and, in 2005, began selling converged voice and data services over the DSCI network. 2005 also saw the introduction of the companys iPBX Hosted Communications Service, a feature-rich, voice-over-IP hosted phone service. Over the next few years, DSCI worked to convert most of its resale off-net business to the more profitable on-net business.

Our intent was, and remains, to carefully and methodically derive more and more of our revenue and profits from IP-based services. We see IP voice rapidly becoming the telecommunications technology choice for the enterprise customer. We will continue to rely on our time-honored formula: the best team + the best products + the best service = superior results,” said Dandley.

Today, DSCI has grown to 91 employees at three sites and has more than 12,000 iPBX station bundles installed.

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