AT&T: iPhone Subscriber Losses No Surprise

Plenty of analysts have speculated over the number of AT&T customers that would leave the mobile operator once Verizon Wireless began selling Apples iPhone.

Several weeks after Verizon Wireless began selling the popular device, an AT&T executive has indicated that subscriber losses have been in line with the companys expectations.

We havent seen any surprises, and everything is pretty much within our expectations,” Ralph de la Vega, AT&Ts head of consumer and mobility businesses, said at a Morgan Stanley conference Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported.

AT&T is not disclosing subscriber losses and Verizon Wireless has not revealed its iPhone numbers since it began selling the device in February.

The conjecture over AT&T defections and Verizon Wireless iPhone subscriber gains will likely continue until the companies release their first-quarter results in the spring.

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