Tablet Numbers in the Stratosphere Through 2014

Tablet shipments will surpass 58 million in 2014, according to research firm In-Stat.

In-Stat says applications for tablets are being developed at a rapid pace, helping to drive content and demand enough to justify that whopping prediction. And applications for business could help drive adoption.

Although the consumer market is the primary target for tablets right now, the commercial market also represents a potential revenue opportunity for tablet OEMs,” said Jim McGregor, In-Stat chief technology strategist. Usage models and user requirements will differ in the commercial market, but as the overall tablet market becomes more defined over the next year, the opportunities for tablets within business markets will become more apparent.” 

In-Stat found that e-mail and Web browsing are the top two tablet uses by current owners at 68 percent and 66 percent, respectively; and of the survey respondents who own a tablet, nearly 55 percent spend nine hours or more each week using it.

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