Sprint Offers Some Relief to Customers Who Lose Phone

Have you ever lost your phone and worried that a nutcase is calling your family and using other sensitive information?

There is no need to fret.

Sprint Nextel is now offering an application that allows customers to remotely lock their smartphone and erase contacts in a devices address book. Customers also can locate a lost device by tracking a handset through GSP technology, viewing a smartphones location on a map via a Web interface or sounding an alarm on a smartphone even when the device is in silent mode.

“Anyone who has lost a phone knows that their personal information is possibly just as vulnerable as if their computer was hacked,” said John Carney, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Sprint. ”Now, Sprint customers have peace of mind knowing that their personal and private information is safe.”

Sprints Total Equipment Protection app further enables customers to back up, manage and restore their contacts.

Overland Park, Kan.-based Sprint said it is offering the app at no charge to customers who subscribe to its $7 per month Total Equipment Protection plan.  Customers can access the app beginning today at

The application is available on handsets that feature BlackBerry and Android mobile platforms.

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