BlackBerry Devices Poised to Run Android Apps?

ShopSavvy, a Dallas-based company that has developed a barcode scanning application for smartphones, disclosed this week that someone in Canada has been running the companys app for Googles Android operating system on various BlackBerry devices. 

In a blog, ShopSavvy co-founder Alexander Muse said that someone in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada the headquarters of BlackBerrys Research in Motion has run his companys app on various BlackBerry devices over a three-week period. Muse writes that we would love to optimize ShopSavvy for the new BlackBerry+Android.”

The tests may be part of a strategy by Research in Motion (RIM) to support Android apps on BlackBerry devices.

Bloomberg reported earlier this month that RIM is working on software to allow its PlayBook tablet computer to run apps for Android, giving customers access to Androids more than 130,000 applications.


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