Google Allows Microsoft Office Users to Share Docs Online, Collaborate

Google on Wednesday announced the release of Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office a free plug-in the company says improves Microsoft Office on Windows PCs.

Google said Cloud Connect enables simultaneous editing on Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications, such as the ability to edit a Word documents table of content from one city while coworkers somewhere else adjust formatting and make revisions.

Many of you already use Google Docs for editing your documents,” Google wrote in a blog, but there are still many people that are tied to desktop applications and havent experienced the numerous benefits cloud applications bring.”

Preston Gralla of Computerworld writes in a blog that Google Cloud Connect could prove to be a Trojan Horse to get people to eventually” switch from Microsoft Office to Google Docs.

Gralla tested Google Cloud Connect and said its a fantastic way to save Office documents to Google Docs and a local PC.  He also said you can access the documents from anywhere on an Internet-connected personal computer.

Techlands Doug Aamoth writes that people you are sharing files with don’t need to have Microsoft Office to view or edit documents because they can open up the files in Google Docs.

This is a smart move by Google, as the more time Office users spend playing around with features found in Google Docs, the more likely they may be to switch over to Google Docs full time somewhere down the line,” opines Aamoth.

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