AT&T Dangles Extra Rollover Minutes for Verizon iPhone Defectors

As Verizon lures AT&T customers away with the promise of an iPhone on a more reliable network, AT&T is doing everything it can to keep its customers from leaving.

The carrier last month announced that its going to offer a slew of 4G Android devices in the coming year. It also debuted unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Now its digging into its bag of goodies and pulling out something more. Many AT&T iPhone customers have acknowledged getting notified via text message about receiving 1,000 additional rollover minutes. Responding yes” before March 31 will activate the extra minutes. If you dont get a notification, you can text yes” to 11113020. Youll then get an alert saying your account has been credited.

Verizon reportedly sold more than 500,000 iPhones in its first day of pre-orders a couple of weeks ago, but sales at retail outlets havent been brisk. With so many AT&T iPhone contracts still intact, it may take months before we really know the impact of AT&Ts loss of iPhone exclusivity.

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