AT&T Boss Busts Apples Chops Over App Store

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS Now that AT&T Inc. no longer has a death grip on Apples iPhone in the United States, were getting a glimpse into what the operator really thinks of its cash cow.

Specifically, Randall Stephenson doesnt like that Apple requires users to buy the same app over and over if subscribers want to use it across devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Thats not how our customers expect to experience this environment,” Stephenson said during a keynote speech at this weeks Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Of course, Stephenson seemed A-OK with the policy when AT&T was the exclusive iPhone carrier. It will be interesting to see if AT&T comes out with any more anti-Apple slams now that Verizon Wireless sells the iPhone, too. In the meantime, Stephenson would rather see carriers develop a Wholesale Applications Community.

Imagine that operators controlling the apps youd get to download. Remember those AT&T phones of yore? Think long and hard about the wisdom of carriers controlling your apps.

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