BlackBerry PlayBook: Price and Retailers Leaked

Theres new evidence that Research In Motions entry into the tablet computer market will be less expensive than some of the other major slates out there.

The CrackBerry website got an anonymous tip in the form of an internal Office Depot screenshot that shows the retailer will sell the 16GB Wi-Fi version of the RIM device for $499. That follows a rumor earlier in the week that the PlayBook would be offered by Staples. The screenshot says itll be in the store in week 17,” which would be the last week of April, if week 1 is the first week of 2011.

It doesnt come as a big surprise that RIM will offer the PlayBook in office stores. Although the company wants to market it to a large audience, fitting with RIMs smartphone tradition, its still being aimed at enterprises. But were sure youll also see the PlayBook sitting side by side with the iPad, the Galaxy Tab and others at your local electronics retail giant.

The PlayBook has been met with wild speculation by analysts in the months leading up to its release. Just last week, one analyst said it would be dead on arrival” and that the whole project is misguided.” Yet others have said RIM could sell millions of the devices and be a real player in the tablet space.

The Tablet is said to come with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and two cameras, allowing for video chat.

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