AT&T-DISH Network Merger Talk Heats Up

Analysts make some wild predictions sometimes, but this one would surely shake up the tech/telecom world.

Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Chaplin wrote in a note today that AT&T might be looking to scoop up satellite provider DISH Network‘s wireless-spectrum assets. It had quite the impact on DISHs stock, which rose nearly 6 percent Thursday to finish the day at its highest point in more than two years. This speculation has been around off and on for years, but investors clearly didnt take it lightly.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chaplin said, What AT&T believes, I think, is if you bundle Dish and AT&T wireless on a national basis, that would reduce churn for all products and potentially drive penetration.”

It would most certainly create a wireless/video powerhouse.

Many in the industry believe AT&T needs a blockbuster deal now more than ever as it deals with loss of iPhone exclusivity, which has been the driving force behind its wireless numbers in recent years.

Neither company would comment for the Bloomberg article, but AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said last summer that he thought regulators would block such a deal between one of Americas big telcos and satellite companies. Chaplin says hes not sure thats the case anymore.

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