iPhone 4 Still Suffers Death Grip Kinks, Even on Verizon Report

The iPhone 4s re-engineered version of an antenna may not solve all of Apples problems after all.

iLounge reports that it discovered through a series of performance tests that the handheld device suffers from the same problems as the original version of the iPhone. The device, compatible with Verizon Wireless CDMA network, still can lose significant signal strength when held in a position known as a death grip,” according to iLounge, which describes itself as an independent provider of information” related to such Apple products as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. 

iLounges testing so far has found that the Verizon iPhone 4s issues appears in the same geographic location as the AT&T iPhone 4s, indoors with an average of three bars of signal strength,” iLounge senior editor Charles Starrett wrote.  Once again, use of a protective case appears to fix the antenna issue, and attenuation may not be noticeable in areas with stronger signal strength.”

Apple and AT&T faced heat last year over reports of dropped calls on the iPhone 4 and concerns over the handsets antenna. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless network features an antenna that has been substantially reengineered raising the prospect that Apple has worked out the kinks in the iPhone.

iLounge contends the new iPhone also faces some problems with Wi-Fi reception. The problem with Wi-Fi reception appears when the device is held snugly in landscape orientation with two hands, a position common when playing games or using the widescreen keyboard,” Starrett wrote.

Thursday, Verizon Wireless will make the iPhone 4 available nationwide through its network of roughly 2,000 retail stores. The iPhone also will be available at all Apple store locations, Best Buy, select Wal-Mart stores and online at and

Last week the wireless carrier announced selling a record number of iPhones online, marking the companys most successful product launch ever.

Despite widespread reports over flaws in the iPhone last year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs told reporters in July that even though the antenna would fail if touched in a certain way less than 1 percent of customers actually called to complain and only 1.7 percent of users returned the device to AT&T.

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