Verizon iPhone: Texas Man Claims To Be First to Get One

With all of the drama of a Deal or No Deal model opening a suitcase actually, much less so a Texas man walked out of a UPS store Saturday and showed his new Verizon iPhone to the world via YouTube. He claims to be the first to receive what analysts believe to be 500,000 of the devices ordered on Feb. 3.

Its at least a couple of days earlier than many had anticipated when the carrier started taking pre-orders for the device from existing customers on Thursday. A huge number of additional orders are showing up in customers mailboxes today. The rest of the country will be able to start placing orders on Wednesday and buying it in stores this Thursday.

Although not releasing official numbers of its own, Verizon announced that the iPhone broke the carriers sales record after just a couple of hours of early-morning online orders. The company had to stop taking orders later that day due to selling out.

Just as the rumors have captivated the tech world for the past year or more, it will be fascinating to see how AT&T losing its exclusive deal for Apple’s darling device impacts the carrier wars throughout 2011.

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