Misguided BlackBerry PlayBook Could Be Doomed

Its becoming a quite a public-relations battle for Research In Motion, which is seeing its smartphone share drop like a rock. Now,  an analyst says the companys entry into the tablet computer market the BlackBerry PlayBook is dead on arrival.”

Wedge Partners principal Brian Blair pulled no punches in an interview with CNBC last week, saying its very simple why the PlayBook wont succeed: Its an inferior” product and people wont buy it.

Blair told the TV network that hes most disappointed that you have to tether the device to your BlackBerry to access your calendar and e-mail.

Much like how businesses are starting to ditch BlackBerry smartphones for iPhones and Android devices, Blair thinks those same enterprises will ignore the PlayBook in favor of other tablets. He sees RIM taking a big financial hit from this, with development, production and marketing running up a price tag of several hundred million dollars.

Its been reported that RIM anticipates selling 6 million PlayBooks in the first year, but the analyst says thats unrealistic; the number has been good for RIMs stock price, however, which has risen about 15 percent in the past three months.

He didnt stop there. Blair kept pouring it on, saying app developers wont be interested in the PlayBook, citing no easy payment mechanism” and multiple screen sizes that will require developers to create more than one version of their apps.

Of course, consumers will be the final judges. The PlayBook is expected to come out near the end of April.


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