Android Gives Huge Boost to HTC, Samsung Sales

Its a good time to be a manufacturer of Android handsets. Samsung and HTC were among device-makers who saw big gains in worldwide market share in Q4 2011, according to research by IDC.

HTC nearly doubled its market share year-over-year to 8.5 percent globally, while Samsung fared even better, tripling its share to almost 10 percent. The big losers in the survey were Research In Motion which saw its BlackBerry share fall from almost 20 percent to 14.6 percent and Nokia, which lost 11 percent, dropping from nearly 39 percent all the way down to 28.3 percent. Apple remained fairly constant, going from 16.1 percent to 16.2 percent.

While Nokia retains its lead in global smartphone market share, that now appears to be on shaky ground. Android is now outselling all other operating systems around the world.

It doesnt appear that the demand for smartphones will wane anytime soon. IDC says more than 300 million smartphones were shipped last year, up 74 percent from 2009; about one-third of those were sold during the last quarter.


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