Mobile Devices Add to Businesses Security Woes

Enterprises are interested in security software other than the dominant choices, and want trusted advisers to show them those options.

Thats according to new findings from Infonetics Research, which also discovered that businesses are having trouble keeping up with the new technologies that seem to crop up daily.

Our recent survey confirms that buyers are still trying to solve basic problems, like protecting new operating systems and emerging devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.), improving client security performance, and maintaining the same software version on all devices,” said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics Research.

Such needs open the door for channel partners, especially those that work with vendors other than Microsoft, Symantec/Norton and McAfee, the three incumbents in the enterprise security market. Partners that can solve new problems, or old problems in new ways through the cloud, hybrid platforms or integrated inbound and outbound security are likely to get noticed in this crowded market,” Wilson added.

For now, theft and data-leakage prevention are the No. 1 reasons enterprises are deploying client security, Infonetics said. At the same time, those companies are trying to develop strategies for smartphone security, as the consumerization of IT” continues and corporate users push for devices other than the BlackBerry. More than 30 percent of enterprises remain unsure which supplier offers the best smartphone security, and 16 percent said they will purchase from a vendor other than the one that secures their desktops and laptops, according to Infonetics.

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