New Android App Helps You Take a Fake Sick Day

Lets start off by saying we dont encourage you to use this app, but we would be neglectful if we let this slip by without letting you know it exists.

Sold as lying to your boss has never been so easy,” the Skiver app for Android helps you concoct all kinds of excuses and cover stories you can give your boss for why youre too sick to go to work. The app comes from a developer called Gospelware,” of all things, which almost makes this application seem blasphemous. This release is particularly timely because the first week of February is typically when the winter blues set in; since most fakers” like to call in sick on Mondays, Skiver predicts Feb. 7 is the date when this app will get the most action.

Specifically, Skiver lets you punch in how many days you want to take off, then offers you a number of possible illnesses and symptoms that would fit your desired time off. There are even ready-made e-mails you can shoot to your boss. And in case you dont already have plans, Skiver uses Google Maps to find events happening in your area to make sure you dont spend your sick day bored at home.

The Skiver app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market the week of Feb. 7-11.

Of course we are not encouraging people to take unnecessary sick days,” the developer said. Skiver is a fun tongue in cheek app that is designed to be a leisure time search function for users to find music, film and cultural activities in their area.”  Mmm-hmm.

Sorry, iPhone and iPad users. The Skiver app is nowhere to be found in the Apple App store almost enough to make you sick. Hey, maybe coming up with illnesses isnt that hard after all.

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