Lawsuit: AT&T Overbilled iPhone, iPad Customers

AT&T is facing another class action lawsuit in connection with its iPhone service.  

The suit alleges AT&T overbills customers for data services involving iPhone or iPad accounts, Courthouse News Service reported Monday.

The lawsuit alleges that a consulting firm retained by plaintiffs counsel found in a two-month study that AT&T systematically overstate Web server traffic by 7 percent to 14 percent, and in some instances by over 300 percent.”

Patrick Hendricks, who is the named plaintiff on behalf of the class, also alleges that AT&T bills subscribers for data transactions even if they disable their phones.

Not only does AT&T systematically overbill for every data transaction, it also bills for phantom data traffic when there is no actual data usage initiated by the customer,” Courthouse News Service quoted the lawsuit.  This was discovered by the same independent consulting firm, which purchased an iPhone from an AT&T store, immediately disabled all push notifications and location services, confirmed that no e-mail account was configured on the phone, closed all applications, and let the phone sit untouched for 10 days.”

Courthouse News Service reports that AT&T has faced a number of class action lawsuit since the company rolled out its iPhone more than three years ago in partnership with Apple.    

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