A World Infatuated With Mobile Phones

Analysts may differ slightly on the numbers, but one thing is certain: The world is in love with a new generation of sophisticated mobile phones.

ABI Research estimates that 390 million handsets were shipped in the fourth quarter.

That takes the total number of 2010 shipments to 1.36 billion, reflecting a significant turnaround compared to 2009 when total shipments decreased, according to the New York-based research firm in a press release Friday.

Yesterday, research firm IDC said that an estimated 1.39 billion mobile phones were shipped last year around the world. Thats up from 1.17 billion units shipped in the prior year.

Demand is being fueled by the worlds fascination with smartphones sophisticated devices that offer capabilities similar to a computer.

Mobile phone users are eager to swap out older devices for ones that handle data as well as voice, which is driving growth and replacement cycles,” said IDC analyst Kevin Restivo.

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