SMBs Know About Private Cloud, But Most Still Choose Public

A new survey by research firm Techaisle shows awareness of the private cloud among SMBs is high, but most of those companies still prefer to use the public cloud.

Techaisle spoke with SMBs in Brazil, Germany, the U.K. and the United States, and discovered that 62 percent do know about private clouds. However, 44 percent choose the public cloud, rather than a private or hybrid option.

As cloud computing vendors are pushing private clouds for enterprises, the same messaging seems to be trickling down to the SMBs,” said Anurag Agrawal, head of Techaisle.

Because of that, SMBs have high awareness of the private cloud. Plus, Agrawal said, they have security, data privacy and control concerns that make private clouds a better fit. The problem is, the public cloud offers lower setup costs and doesnt waste resources, Techaisle found.

Meanwhile, 43 percent of SMBs report awareness of hybrid clouds, but only 21 percent prefer to use this form of cloud computing. More midmarket businesses opt for hybrid platforms, and those do require some IT staff. Nonetheless, SMBs adopting cloud services do so for the faster deployment time and the ability to allow IT staff if they have any focus on other business needs. Partners positioning cloud services may benefit most from a service responsiveness and uptime approach,” Techaisle found.

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