QBPP Convenes New Advisory Board

The Qwest Business Partner Program convened a new partner advisory council during Q.Marketplace 2011, Qwests annual meeting for indirect sales agents.

Qwest Channel Chief Blake Wetzel, vice president of sales for BMG, said the carrier invited new members to fill about half the seats in order to bring a new perspective” to the council. Returning members bring continuity to the boards work, he added.

Wetzel, who became head of QBPP in August 2009, sought to engage agents more proactively in decisions by creating three subgroups within the Qwest partner advisory council covering go-to-market, technology (product and road map) and operations. In 2010, those committees provided input into compensation, rules of engagement, product and sales tools, including the implementation of, Wetzel noted.

New members of the board include:

  • Josh Anderson, Telephony Partners
  • David Gardner, Advantage Communications
  • Adam Park, XELA Communications
  • Matt Brown, Genesis Network Solutions
  • Rob Goble, Venicom
  • Greg Praske, ARG
  • Rick Castillo, OneTel
  • Jared Johnson, Dinan
  • Jason Sharek, TeleProviders
  • Bill Klevenberg, Elite Networks Inc.

Returning board members include:

  • Craig Beason, Renodis
  • Jay Bradley, Intelisys
  • James Cassell, Lightstream
  • John Cunningham, BCM
  • Don Douglas, Liquid Networx
  • Craig Eigenbrod, LincLogix
  • Ben Humphreys, Agent Alliance Q
  • Ken Mercer, Telecom Brokerage Inc.
  • Matthew Miclette, 5 Star Communications
  • Brendan Phelps, Carrier Access Inc.
  • Shane Stark, Carrier Access Inc.

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