Not Just for Business Anymore: BlackBerry Hot With Criminals

As the BlackBerry continues to lose market share to the iPhone and Android-based devices, Research In Motion, take note: At least somebody still wants your phones.

WOAI-TV reports that burglars got away with about $7,500 worth of BlackBerrys from a San Antonio T-Mobile store early this morning. Perhaps a better security system is in order; that same stores now been hit three times in the last three weeks.

Last weeks report from comScore shows that RIM still leads in smartphone operating-system market share in the U.S., but that lead is fading fast as Apple sells more iPhones and several manufacturers pump out more Android phones. In fact, those two platforms have outsold BlackBerry for several quarters in a row now.

Sorry, RIM. We dont think stolen phones will count toward your total. But on the bright side, maybe you have a new market to target the criminal “enterprise.” 

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