Verizon iPhone? Check. Verizon iPad? Coming Up Next

Verizon and Apple ended years of speculation Tuesday when they announced that Verizon Wireless would begin selling a CMDA version of the iPhone next month. As if that werent enough to shake up the tech/telecom world, now comes word that it wont be long before Verizon starts selling an iPad that can directly connect to its wireless network.

AT&Ts exclusive with the iPhone lasted three-and-a-half years. Apple did allow Verizon to start selling the iPad last year, but it’s Wi-Fi-only version that requires an additional device a mobile hotspot if you want to hook up with Verizons network.

Now, in an interview with Bloomberg, Verizon CFO Francis Shammo says a Verizon iPad is coming a new chip will be embedded in the device that eliminates the need for the hotspot.

No word yet when this will happen, but surely were talking months, not years, and the mere mention of it must be making AT&T shiver in its boots. It will also be exciting to see if the Verizon iPad is a 4G device.

Some analysts believe Apple will sell more than 35 million iPads this year, an incredible number considering how many more tablets are making their debuts this year and competing for market share. And that number doesnt take into consideration this latest news.

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