Palm Comeback?: Tablet, LTE Smartphone Could Be on Horizon

The last year and a half has been pretty tough for Palm best known as the inventor of the PDA. The Palm Pre smartphone, which was supposed to return the company to prominence, flopped. Then came the Pres less expensive cousin, the Pixi. It, too, failed to generate a lot of sales. The two smartphones couldnt even make a go of it when a short exclusivity agreement with Sprint came to a close and they became available on both AT&T and Verizons wireless networks. All this despite generally positive reviews for Palms mobile operating system webOS and a rabid fan base. Palm ended up selling to HP last spring.

After a mediocre debut of the webOS-based Palm Pre 2 last fall, youd think devices with the Palm brand from HP would be off our radar not true. HP said it bought Palm because of its highly respected operating system, and now it appears the company is ready to roll out some new gadgets.

Palm has sent out invitations for a Feb. 9 event, and since 2011 is setting up as the year of the tablet computer, many are speculating that a slate device will be unveiled a tablet that might come with a completely unoriginal name: PalmPad. But also a possibility is an LTE-powered smartphone. Some tech junkies perusing a Verizon test site have come across something called the Palm LTE Voice. If it is indeed a smartphone, Palm might be getting on board in the LTE race early enough to be a factor. You might remember that the original Pre debuted within one week of the release of the iPhone 3G S, and was completely overwhelmed, despite plenty of buzz leading up to the Pres release.


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