Alteva Upends Auto-Attendant Norm With Video Add-On

Unified communications expert Alteva on Monday released what it says is the industrys first on-demand video auto-attendant.

Instead of just hearing Press 1 for Sales,” for example, video-phone users can see their options when calling a company. Businesses running the Alteva platform could beef up their video auto-attendant, too, with graphical cues, so callers get routed to the right live agent, said Alteva, which sells through agents. Theres also Video Voicemail and Video on Hold, which can feature live events, commercials, product specials or even user tutorials. The point is to help businesses to make the most of their customers time, Alteva said, without added expense.

Customers think video is expensive and a next-generation thing, but part of the advancement of Alteva’s hosted communications platform is that video is there if you need it at no extra cost,” said William Bumbernick, Altevas chief innovation officer. Thats the benefit of a hosted solution. When new innovations come out, they immediately become part of the product. Its all there and ready to go when the customer is ready to use it.”

Alteva said its video auto-attendant is most optimal for spread-out companies such as banks that want to give local branch customers specialized information about mortgage applications or retirement planning, for example. To that end, the new Alteva system also lets callers share documents such as graphs or performance reports, depending on their phones capabilities.


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