Verizon iPhone: Apple ‘Vacation Ban’ Schedule Suggests Pending Release Date

Employees of tech titan Apple are prohibited from asking for vacation days in the near term, potentially coinciding with the companys plans to announce an iPhone on Verizon Wireless network.

That is according to recent media reports.  

Byou Genius Report reported Friday that it confirmed with an anonymous source that Apple has blacked out vacation requests between Thursday, Feb. 3 and Sunday, Feb. 6.

Meanwhile, AppleInsider reported this week that Apple is prohibiting retail employees without seniority from taking vacation days during a three-week period beginning the last week in January. 

Citing unnamed sources, AppleInsider said such a blackout typically signals a major product launch. 

Given the avalanche of reports and rumors over the new iPhone, the actual announcement will be somewhat anticlimactic.

Apples impending release of the iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network represents a blow to AT&T Wireless, which has been the exclusive iPhone service provider in the United States since the handsets debut in 2007. Taiwan-based Digitimes recently reported that Apple has ordered between 20 and 21 million iPhones from Asia-based manufacturers.

Shares of Apple recently hit a 52-week high, signaling a bright future for the technology giant.

Apple recently had a market value of roughly $303.4 billion.

Apple is the second-largest company in the world based on market capitalization, behind Exxon Mobile Corp., according to the IBTimes.

The Wall Street Journal today jumped on speculation we reported earlier this week, quoting a source, that the Verizon iPhone will be confirmed at a media event on Tuesday, Jan. 11. No official confirmation yet from Apple or Verizon Wireless.

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