Verizon Wireless Goes BIONIC with Motorola’s DROID

Verizon Wireless has released the DROID BIONIC, a new Android smartphone manufactured by Motorola.

The smartphone includes a front-facing VGA camera, rear-facing 8-megapixel camera and multiplayer gaming capabilities.

Announcing the BIONIC in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show, the companies said the device also is equipped with numerous work functions, including corporate e-mail, remote wipe and data security and encryption capabilities. In addition, DROID BIONIC features such tools as Quickoffice for the review of documents and editing, calendar management, one-click access to conference calling, and a number of Google applications and services. 

Verizon Wireless said the device with 4G LTE capabilities will enable its mobile subscribers to download Internet content at speeds of up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Verizon Wireless did not disclose pricing or when the DROID BIONIC would be available for sale. CNET reported it would be released in the second quarter.

But what about an iPhone for Verizon, you ask? Verizon Wireless CEO Ivan Seidenberg’s keynote speech at CES didn’t include on mention of the device Thursday.

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