Need More Bandwidth? Extend Your Ethernet, Says Versa

Equipment maker Versa Technology has released an Ethernet extender kit that lets business and other users make the most of their broadband networks without adding fiber-optic lines.

The new VX-VEB160R4 Ethernet Extender Kit lengthens Ethernet availability by up to one mile at speeds of 100mbps, full duplex, Versa said on Thursday. The gear is considered plug-and-play, since the Ethernet ports automatically sense 10/100, full or half duplex connections. Theres also a LAN-bridging capability that erases the need for network configuration.

“It does not make financial sense to spend $3,000 to connect two buildings when [there are] existing phone lines,” said Joseph Taylor, Versa Technologys director of business development. If the buildings are within a mile, you can extend the LAN with our Ethernet Extender and get the same speed for 20 percent of the cost.”

Versa Technology said the technique works especially well for hospitality customers, for example, or companies needing to connect security cameras among several locations. Versa Technology distributes through resellers and offers discount pricing on the VX-VEB160R4 Ethernet Extender Kit to those partners.

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