Terminator aka Motorola Olympus from AT&T Could Debut in Days

Some call it the Terminator the smartphone that will put all others to shame.

The Motorola Olympus will finally make its debut next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; thats if one of IntoMobiles tipsters is to be believed. AT&T will supposedly announce the new phone at a press event during the show next week.

Although Motorola isnt commenting just yet, the Olympus could be the first phone to run on the brand-new Android update, version 2.3, or Gingerbread. Its also said to feature NVIDIA’s Dual-core Tegra 2 processor. Look for a front-facing camera and 1080 video capability. Next weeks potential announcement matches up with what was reported last month regarding a December or January release.

Since its believed the Verizon iPhone wont debut at CES, and now that Skype has already let the cat out of the bag on its iPhone video-calling feature, the Olympus has the potential of being one of the biggest stories in the smartphone world at the annual trade show.

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