Waiting Game: Verizon iPhone Likely To Be Snubbed at CES

The hottest rumor of the past year maybe three? might go without a mention at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at least from anyone official.

Just about everyone expects a CDMA version of the iPhone to be introduced next month, or by the end of the next quarter, at the latest. But along with announcing its lineup of speakers at the geeky trade show, Verizon Wireless today said it would spend much of its time during a planned Jan. 6 press conference talking about 4G Android devices. Not that this isnt exciting news. Verizon is without 4G smartphones for its new LTE network, and consumers will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on them. But if any more time goes by without a Verizon iPhone announcement, fanboys and other tech addicts might have to start breathing into a bag.

Verizons new LTE network, rolled out earlier this month, is available in 40 cities and 60 airports, but most customers havent been able to experience the super-speeds. The carrier has some 4G USB devices and dongles available, but thats it so far.

Last summer most speculation focused on CES as the time for a Verizon iPhone unveiling. But most so-called experts close to the situation now believe that the announcement will come from Apple rather than Verizon since the Silicon Valley giant typically likes to be at the center of attention, especially for declarations of such magnitude.

Verizon speakers at CES include wireless CEO Dan Mead, CTO Tony Melone and Chief Marketing Officer Marni Walden.

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