Skype-iPhone 4 Team-Up Expected Soon Report

Skype intends to have a big presence at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and a partnership with Apple could be on the not-too-distant horizon.

The video-chat pioneer may be ready to make a big splash in the mobile video calling arena as it takes part in a CES panel called Video Calling Gets Ready for Primetime.” Add to that the fact that tech site Engadget is reporting this find: a help document regarding Skype video calling on the iPhone that showed up on Skypes website. Its since been taken down. A Skype-Apple team-up would be big news at CES, but if similar partnerships with Android and other operating systems were to be announced, Skype could steal the show.

Skype video-calling previously has been available on the Nokia N900, but a mass-market announcement would be a huge step forward for the company and for video calls in general. Skype has been touting a series of video-related announcements” at CES.

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